The creation of Silver Bullet Gun Oil was in no way sponsored or affiliated with the US Government
.  This is a product of "WE THE PEOPLE" of the United States of America.Who are sick and tired of your shit! GFY
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After using Silver Bullet Gun Oil for the last three months, I am convinced
that it is the best performing product currently available. I have treated
various metals using SBGO, Hoppes, Birchwood Caseys Gun Scrubber, Rem
Oil and a few others. I have found that SBGO permitted NO rust whatsoever
while some of the other brands dried and left a slight amount of surface rust
to appear. When cleaning with SBGO, I use far less patches because the
bore gets clean faster. Because of the good viscosity of SBGO, I am also
able to use it on anything that requires a lasting lubrication. I lube my
archery equipment with SBGO as well and have experienced absolutely zero
problems with it. I first bought SBGO because I liked the principle of the
product. Anything that might possibly get into the heads of the radical
muslim terrorists and cause them to think twice about the consequences of
their actions is worth a look in my humble opinion. Therefore, I highly
recommend Silver Bullet Gun Oil to my friends, family and peers.

John  M – President
International Hunting Land Association Inc.
I just wanted to say thanks for
making a product we can count on.
We are currently deployed to ****
Afghanistan. We use SBGO in our
m-4 and in our 240B.(A quick pic of
my weapon and your product

Sincerely,and Thank You again,

Mike N.
USN S.E.A.L.        
Send your comments,
A Note From The Midnite Rider:                                
I created Silver Bullet Gun oil in response to the ATROCITIES  committed by the so-called "Holy Warriors" who are a
DESPICABLE lot if ever there was one, as they prey on the innocent, the unarmed and the unaware, attacking like
the animals they are, from ambush. Murdering Nuns and Priests of the Christian religion and bombing the
Churches of the Christian religion, As abu el zircowi did in "04. Yet they snivel and whine that WE are conducting a
"Religous war" against them.
They murder women and children of their own religion daily and are WEAK COWARDS, like the so-called "god" they
worship, and his so-called "Prophet" mohammed. Prophet my Marine ass. Bullshit artist is closer to the TRUTH.
They attack members of the U.S military who have given them the Freedom to chose the life they wish to live and
they choose to live it as criminals of the lowest order. Oppressing and Murdering those who oppose their outlook
and beliefs.
                                 THEY, NOT THE USA DECLARED "JIHAAD'.
Silver Bullet Gun oil is the response to that.
You Bastards of Islam want a Religous war,you have it Now. Hope you like the heat of allahs HELL. But on the
upside, most of your fellow jihadis will be there with you, enjoying it as well. GFY you murdering bastards, Hell is
what you DESERVE.
Many members of the U.S. Military, ALL Branches, ALL  Specialties are in possession of SBGO, also many USA "First
Responder" police tactical teams and patrol officers USE SBGO. I have made sure of that, PERSONALLY.
One Marine sniper has over 70 confirmed KILLS of these dogs and jackals while using SBGO in his weapon. Many,
Many,of allah's misfits, murderers and morons have been turned away from his gates of "Paradise" due to their
stench of swine from Silver Bullet Gun Oil. More are added to that number DAILY. They vainly await their "Special
There is NO "Special dispensation" for those jihadis who die contaminated by pork from a weapon using SBGO.
Just how MANY of these stinking of swine scumbags will allah let into his much vaunted "Virginworld" before he
can no longer stand the stench and has to abandon his own paradise.
I WILL NOT STOP making SBGO until ALL those who defend Freedom are equipped with Silver Bullet Gun Oil.
Some legendary "Monsters" can only be stopped using "Silver Bullets".
The MONSTERS that threaten the world today can only be denied  what they seek, their version of Paradise, by the
use of MY Silver Bullet, Silver Bullet Gun Oil. Every bullet, grenade, rocket or bomb using SBGO has the power to
not only kill the body but send the soul of every one of allah's so-called "Holy Warriors" KIA with the USA Death
dealing weapons of war straight to allahs HELL, the HELL they so richly deserve and have earned.
Ask Osama Bin Laden. He was the Head of their organization called "The Base" or Al-qaeda. He NOW rots in allahs
HELL. If he, the head of AL-Q waits in the "Special dispensation" line, then what about the lice infested scumbags
hiding out in caves, what chance do their slimey, stinking of swine asses have to get in?
I'd say slim and none.
There is NOTHING that can change that, EXCEPT allah making a personal appearance to announce a change in HIS
Don't hold your breath. Allah seems to have ONLY appeared to One so-called man, mohammed, who was a Liar, a
Thief, a Murderer and a baby raping pedophile.
And THAT is what they call a "Prophet"Sounds to me more like a Demon from Hell.
Some very sick minds at work, to actuallyy believe his stinking pile of bullshit passed off as a "Religion of Peace".
It's anything BUT. Its Satans minions busily at work stealing souls is what it is.
Here in the USA those character traits displayed by mohammed usually end you in the penitentiary for an xtended
visit, or on "Death Row" awaiting Xecution.
Sad how so many have been misled by the machinations for Power of one individual, and a deranged one at that.
Look how WEAK those who follow his idiocy REALLY are, a little bit of pork on them and it's off to allahs HELL,
                      The Midnite Rider has YOUR number and it is 0.

Posted above are but a FEW of the many E-mails I have received from users of SBGO. I invite any and all to send
your comments to me,
All comments are edited of the full names as are actual locations so that ONLY those who use Silver Bullet and
those muslim terrorist scumbags KIA with it know who is actually using it.
Units suffering IED attacks have been instructed to pour some SBGO on the graves of deceased muslim "Martyrs"
to deny them from attending allah's nightly parties,in RETALIATION for their cowardly attacks on our Courageous
TRUE Warriors,members of the United States Military.
Many security contractors and Military police standing guard at the gates to the Military bases in the USA use
SBGO. Marine infantry units in undisclosed locations use SBGO by the CASE in their weaponry.I know,I supply them
witH SBGO.
SEAL teams use SBGO in their weapons. The U.S. Fleet Force base security Stateside has also been equipped with
SBGO. Large orders have recently been sent to undisclosed locations in Afghanistan and Iraq to be used in
counter-terror operations.
Many  INDIVIDUAL servicemen and women in ALL areas of operation in the M.E. are equipped with SBGO. More are
equipped DAILY.
NOW Muslim terror merchants risk the WRATH of ALLAH to attack members of the US military ANYWHERE in the
WORLD. It is MY PERSONAL GOAL to see ALL members of the US Military and ALL first responders in the USA
equipped with SBGO. I move closer to that goal DAILY...   DEATH TO INTERNATIONAL ISLAMOTERRORISM..
                                           SEMPER FI                        
                                           THE Midnite Rider
*Names,  details,  exact locations, and photos  have been edited for
security purposes.
I am on leave right now after 2 years of sand duty in Afgan hell our CO gave
my squad this stuff, we treated our rifles. We captured 2 enemies, sent them
on their way with a letter in arabic explaining we are using this oil in our
weapons, we even gave him an almost empty bottle for good measure. We
also put in that letter that our bullets are polished with it too.
After I get some rest and the first good meal in years, I will be heading back.
Great product, I hope they use this beautiful Propaganda tool, its classic
WWII style propaganda but with teeth. Islamic Soul Killers, I write that on my
bullets. I have saved over 72 virgins that wont have to service these

T Sgt, Air Force
    i have a report from Au 2 Cav ( 2nd Cavalry regiment )about a 3500+ round sustained fire shoot using the heavy
    weapons version of the oil.

    No-one had got 600 round bursts before without stoppages but the SBGO HW version allowed the operation to
    stay clean and unblocked with carbon as what usually happens with the new .50 cals.

    The M249 did likewise and was a 10 minute clean up instead of the half hour a sustained fire usually creates.

    Both those reports are going to the defence force materials office at QMHQ ( quartermasters supply headquarters

    When a mate in the US showed me (SBGO) i bought a bottle for "novelty" reasons.. I too became a convert.  I am
    now pushing the Army here to carry it for no other reason that its the best dang stuff EVER.

    It is really nice to have a world class product on your hands and to know no matter what folks try it for it'll out do
    every other brand out there regardless of how much more you pay ..

    Jack T
Excuse my French and my grammar I will try to tone it down  I am a graduate of the "House of Pain" (It means I am a
Marine) that should explain why letter writing without strong language and using proper grammar is foreign to me,
but I had to give you props on your oil. It has led to a few fucks come in sniveling they want no trouble and will give
I lost part of my foot in Iraq. I have chewed f'n sand in both theaters. Your product is great. Old school propaganda
type shit with teeth. After my foot was put back together I was allowed to get back to the fight this time I was in
Afghani-stink. That is where I got my hands on your stuff. My men did try to keep it from me. I am a Muslim, that is
why. But i do not follow the bull shit dominated, corrupted Arabia version. Or the racist looee ferretkhan style in
America. I am a black officer in the Marine Corps. S being silent, when Obama pronounced the S when saying
Corpsman, need anyone say more about his lack of qualifications to be the chief. It will take the few and proud like
you to produce tools like your oil because God knows Obama will not use propaganda tools like your oil. Plus your oil
is high quality. We have an air force special forces guy here. He has been quietly promoting your oil to the rats in the
field. Some have tucked tail in their legs and came to our side becoming informants. Some, you just pull out a bullet
and they freak, saying dont touch them with it.  This corrupt form of raghead Islam needs to be extinct! You should
make up some type of flyer in Pashtu.  Keep making this stuff  It only works as a force multiplier if we advertise. They
have kept this hush hush, but we will lose a death card or two. I had to come stateside to Walter reed to get a new
device I strap to my wrecked foot so i can still be in combat. Since I have family I have to hold back my full name, rank
and email. With these fucks you cant take any chance cause of our stupid media.   I cant share my true comments it
could get me in trouble. When i am done i will write a book. I have a significant rank and cause i am a Muslim, I know I
can tell my story of the bull shit when we got a new person in the whitehouse, the word leader does not apply.

Name Witheld
Typical Weapons of US Marines using SBGO Heavy Weapons
US Navy SEAL teams.It is designed to hang on the weapon
better under Xtreme conditions and usage...Many Turret and
pintle mounted heavy weapons in the Middle East AO are
currently using they can withstand temperature and
weather xtremes much better than current military issue lube.
THOUSANDS of Rounds under Sustained fire conditions
without burning off.
Coming at YOU Al-q and Taliban.
After trying your product in my M4,I ordered enough for the men under me to use in their weapons as the issue
weapons lube leaves much to be desired.It burns off  rapidly and smokes like a 4 pack a day cigarette smoker,and has
been responsible for many of the malfunctions/jamming problems we experience while under fire.
The difference between that,CLP which is allowed,and your product is amazing.
Your most excellent product seems to never dry up or burn off,even when used in heavy sustained fire.
Since we have been using it our  weapons of war,the malfunction problems we have had to deal with regularly seem to
have vanished.
OUTFUCKINGSTANDING, We thank you very much for that.There is nothing more important to a Marine rifleman than
his weapon,and SBGO makes them run great.
We also have made good use of the propaganda type of paperwork you include in your orders,and it works on the
sandrats as well as SBGO works in our weapons.
Since several of my grunts “lost” some of the letters in sand rat lingo while out on patrols telling them about the use
of SBGO by us,things seem to have gotten a bit quieter hereabouts.
Hmm,how is that possible?
I think that if they really wanted to put an end to this pc bullshit war that they would put loudspeakers on some of the
patrol vehicles announcing the use of your great Counter-terrorist product SBGO and they would also allow us to use
it in and on our weapons advertising it instead of censoring it's use and threatening to charge those caught using
Total bullshit imo.
Regardless,we are Marines and our job description as Marines is to Kill our enemies as efficently as possible and
SBGO helps us do just that.
IF that is,they hang around after finding out we are using it.It seems most haven't.
I,for one,care about my men,not the enemies feelings or that SBGO “Offends” them because of the pork additive.
I say Too fucking bad,if you don't like it then stop your shit and stop attacking us and you won't have anything to worry
Keep up the Great work Mr Midnite Rider,even though those so-called “Leaders” with a severe lack of testosterone
don't like it WE,the boots on the ground crew LOVE IT!
BTW,maybe you should take your product to the US Congress and try to get them to have it adopted officially by the
Corps.I for one would support it 100%,and so would a number of Marines using it. SEMPER FI

I am currently in AFGHANISTAN and
came across one of your bottles
and wished I knew about it when I
was in Iraq in 05/06.
Your web page kicks ass!!

Thank you,

Now this is a product ya just gotta
love/have. My AR needs some!

Russell M.
Midnite Rider,you are a honest to
goodness 100% USDA, grade AAA
shining F*cking GENIUS.....
This is the most brilliant mind
f*cking warfare idea I've ever
seen! I hope the powers that be in
this country will get off their
politically correct asses and
actually use and
advertise the use of your
product...its so damn simple it
would work!!!

Matt M.
Brilliant! F*cking BRILLIANT!   

Michael F.
It's about time someone
approaches this problem from a
logical perspective, good job! now
send me some, how do I buy it?

Tom R.
Excellent !!  Keep up the good

guys had to shoot my weapon
because theirs got sooo dirty
they malfunctioned too much. So
my rifle got almost 2,000 rounds
put through it on a day that it got
to 100F. I cleaned it today and It
took me half the time to clean my
rifle than anyone else. Two other
guys used SBGO aswell. Same
story. All three M4s lubed with
SBGO had ZERO malfunftions and
5,000ish rounds fired between

I have never seen a lube resist
the temperature I had that rifle at
yesterday. NEVER. When other
guns had their CLP burn off
completely, our guns were still
slick with SBGO.

The great thing about it is sooo
little goes such a long way I have
barely used that much of the
bottle. On my personaly owned
weapons I fully expect it to last 6
months or longer on one
application with regular shooting.
So that means I use even less
because I apply it rarely and use
so little when I do.

Amazing product.

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