Some FAQs about Silver Bullet Gun Oil [SBGO]

FAQ #1

Is SBGO merely a Gimmick ?

Ans. NO, Absolutely NOT.

The link below is WHAT the Israelis have done to STOP the activities of Islamonazi babymurderin BUS BOMBERS. Since the addition of bags of pork grease to Israeli buses,the number of murder bombings on public transport is NON-EXISTENT.

The Israelis use the ”Pork Principle” to STOP these Rabid scum, it WILL and DOES currently  work for the USA and Its Warriors and First Responders.

I will say that Israel has gotten MANY Bottles of SBGO,and they are not showing it as the “Political Correct” crowd of COWARDS would be sympathetic,as usual to their enemies, in the vain hope that their Cowardice and lack of intestinal fortitude to STAND against those who would see them dead and will instead cause the rabid jihadis to soften their attitude to them because they are such COWARDS,and only kill their wives and children.

There is NO “Gimmick” involved,just good Intelligence work on WHAT makes the enemy tick [no pun intended].

There are NO “Special Dispensations” for a follower of the pedophile, murderer,thief and so-called “Prophet” mohammed the mutt  when it comes to the “Pork Principle” not unless allah says it is so and does it PERSONALLY. Until then, Take note Jihadis,Your campaign to murder and die while doing so to shortcut to “Virginworld” is no more than a Crap shoot with NO Guarantee of Positive results.

Allah himself set THIS Rule and UNTIL allah PERSONALLY turns up to rescind HIS edict on Death while contaminated by pork and its ramifications to jihadis who die that way,there is NO Islamic leader that can GUARANTEE that HIS Special Dispensation” will be Honored by allah.

No MAN can speak for allah. If he CLAIMS to be doing so, I call Bullshit and say PROVE IT.

The FACT that I have been making SBGO and sending allahs followers to HELL with it for almost 6 YEARS to this point should be evidence enough.

FAQ #2

Will SBGO harm my Firearms in ANY way?

Absolutely NOT. There are NO damaging to Firearms ingredients in SBGO. The Pork grease is Nuetral in its effects on metal, and positive in its results on Jihadis and their Game plan, which SBGO throws a Huge Pipewrench into.


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