2015 SBGO update from The Midnite Rider

It’s 2015 and despite claims of Al-q and affiliates being
“Decimated” and “On the run” it seems that may not be quite the truth.

Many courageous US military men and women have paid a tremendous price IN BLOOD for the gains made in the past in the ME,which have been given back to the enemies of the free world and mankind in general at no cost by those unwilling to call reality as it truly is. Not only are large sections of ME real estate, paid for with the blood and lives of fathers, mothers and children serving in the US military and it’s allies been retaken, but also much of our high end gear and equipment,left behind by the USA to support those who it seems are unable to fight their own battle, has been captured by those who are daily committing the most heinous, barbaric acts of cruelty against innocent men, women, children, bastards of Islam who call themselves “Holy Warriors”.

Families buried alive after being subjected to the most brutal torture and gang rape of both sexes and of small children. Men, Women and Children decapitated and their heads put on stakes to be used for target practice by these vermin. Captured Iraqi soldiers xecuted wholesale. Whole towns and cities, along with their inhabitants destroyed by this swarm of locust like,  deranged, depraved escapees from lunatic asylums and prisons who cry like the bitches they are over some perceived “offense” to them or their “prophet” mohammed who in reality and in TRUTH was a lying,thieving,murdering pedophile,a man who by our standards was no more than a common criminal who had sex with little children and “married” a 6 year old child.Something that to civilized peoples is offensive beyond the pale.

These murderous demons from hell claim it to be a religious war,a Jihad, yet many Western leaders refuse to treat it as such and ignore the reality of the situation and ignore the usefulness of SBGO when used against them in the context they themselves defined,to deny them entry into their paradise when they die in their self proclaimed and self instituted religious war [jihad] against Christians, Jews and other members of the same religion they share,Muslims.

I watch daily, reporters hand-wringing and asking “How can they be stopped?”,  when I have e-mailed many of them giving them my website address, which they continue to ignore as they consider it to be the product of an inbred,knuckle dragging troglodyte islamophobe.

Again, nothing could be farther from the truth. My parents were New Yorkers,born there, and I was born in NYC. Both my parents served during WW II in the intelligence community.One of my parents had direct blood ties to a Scandinavian royal family,the other direct bloodties to to Euro nobility.I venture to say that those who consider me to be a knuckle dragger are much closer than I am to be such.

WW II was the last war the USA actually could claim total victory in, thanks to the Courage and Fortitude of those serving in the US Military and it’s allies and the lack of Political Correctness and of the Courage and Fortitude of Allied LEADERS,True Leaders, something that is sadly very much lacking today in the “career” lawyer/politicians, so called “leaders” who state “We lead from behind” as if that’s something to be striven for,whose ONLY care is to get re-elected and not rock the boat in any way, and further an agenda that is NOT in the best interests of America and it’s allies,an agenda of cowardice and appeasement,a very unamerican agenda.

I spent my childhood in a section of NY known as South Jamaica, Queens. I had fistfights regularly then with thugs who looked to dominate everyone and anyone they could through threats, intimidation and violence. The very same mentality I see emanating from radicalized Islamofascist terrorists. While I was very young I learned to defend myself against these domestically grown  terrorist thugs, refusing to be intimidated by any means they used against me. Soon they learned that to take me on was a formula that wasn’t in their best interests, as many went home bloody and crying, like the punks they were, never to bother me or my younger brother again, who I also had to defend. I also saw “appeasers” who would give up anything demanded from these thugs, in the vain hope that they would consider them to be their “Friend”, only to be strong-armed again and again for whatever could be taken from them,the thugs called them “bitches” and that’s xactly what they were. Sadly I see the “appeasement” mentality busily at work in 2015, in many countries and with many so-called “World leaders”. Yes,they are “leaders”, Judas goats leading the free world into captivity and death at the hands of verminous terror merchants who claim a special affinity with a god only one man EVER claims to have seen. Ok, I’m not debating the validity of Islam as a religion,if some wish to see a meteorite as their holy of holies and worship it,so be it. I’m an American who believes that all men and women are entitled to believe whatever they care to believe, regardless of how outlandish or unbelievable their beliefs actually in reality are.

I’m also an American who firmly believes that when murderous scum attempt to force their own beliefs onto others that a stand must be taken, and if it involves physical confrontation or physical actions,then so be it and then you face a man who has NO FEAR, and is highly skilled in the art of war and self defense in every martial capacity and able to defend both myself and those who are being put upon.I do NOT stand alone,I have many,many brothers in arms throughout the USA who feel as I do. I proudly wear the USMC tattoo on my arm and I have lived and will die with the motto,”Death before Dishonor” firmly entrenched in my psyche, my heart, and my soul, and when I leave this plane of xistence and stand again at the right hand of the Great and Living God, JEHOVAH, I will be able to say,”I did my BEST”.

I have NO desire whatsoever to oppress legitimate members of Islam. Truth be told I never gave Islam much,if any thought at all until members of it flew 2 jetliners filled with INNOCENT people into 2 of, at the time, largest buildings on the planet, the World Trade Center buildings, killing thousands of INNOCENT people just living their lives and also killing many courageous first responders also. They murdered many who were working in the Pentagon who also, were just doing their jobs and living their lives. I worked on the WTC buildings when they were being built and I stood on the top floors,with only a 1/2 inch cable around the outer perimeter  between myself and eternity, looking down at the concrete far below. Seeing my fellow human beings choose to jump to the concrete below rather than be burned alive made me physically ill for some time after,I stood where they looked down at their eternity from and they decided it was better to jump than burn alive.What a terrible decision to have to make,certain death regardless. As Marlon Brando in “Apocalypse Now” muttered,”The Horror,The Horror”, which that day was, truly a day of absolute HORROR for America and Americans,a day which Muslims around the world CELEBRATED, dancing in the streets….

I have been accused of being a “Hater”. I will state for the record now that yes, I am, I hate what was done to those innocent men, women and children that day and I hate what is being done to this very day by the same frothing at the mouth madmen to innocent men, women and children, doing the same as those in the WTC and Pentagon were doing, just living their lives. I will also say that those who committed and continue to commit these crimes against humanity deserve the harshest of punishments and to be sent to the deepest parts of HELL when they no longer polute this plane of xistence. Many, Many agree with me. I am NOT God, but I have been given the power by him to do just that with Silver Bullet Gun Oil [SBGO], a divinely inspired weapon/product, to send them to HELL by their own beliefs and a weapon using SBGO.

I do NOT put “Political Correctness” above the lives of the innocent or members of the US armed forces and I firmly believe that the guilty should be punished according to their crimes and to the degree of their crimes. Murdering and raping innocents gleefully is deserving of the harshest punishment and although I hadn’t yet created SBGO on 9/11/01 the mastermind behind 9/11 felt the power of SBGO when he was killed by members of ST 6 who had SBGO in their weapons when they hit his compound and rid the world of someone who polluted the planet, like those of his ilk do today, with every breath and every heartbeat they take and have.

Silver Bullet Gun Oil has been sent to the far corners of the planet and distributed throughout the United States and to members of it’s armed forces for over 10 years and to it’s allies. It has been argued that “If contaminated or forced to consume pork unwillingly or with out knowledge of it” that the jihadist gets a free pass so SBGO isn’t a problem for jihadists. I beg to differ on both counts. This link shows that despite it being ignored here, in the USA, by news media PC cowards, that reporting of this incident   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1393679/Did-pork-coated-bullet-kill-Bin-Laden-Yes-says-firm-claim-pig-fat-gun-oil-bought-U-S-military-personnel.html was in fact reported throughout the UK and the Muslim world,FRONT PAGE HEADLINES so no foreknowledge of SBGO by terrorists at this point is pure BS. By their willingly engaging in battle they also show a willingness to risk being KIA with a weapon using SBGO in it, which, at this point with the amount of SBGO out there is a very,very real possibility, which also, after 10 years of SBGO production and worldwide headlines,they should be very aware of.You Islamofacist terrormongers no longer have an ironclad guarantee of paradise if KIA during your “jihad”,It’s NOW a crapshoot,and I say to them “Are you feeling lucky PUNK?”.

The very fact that it was debated throughout the Muslim world then should be enough to quiet SBGO detractors who argue the efficacy of SBGO against “True Believers” of Islam.Unfortunately these detractors have NO understanding of the value of psychological warfare and the effects it has on those it’s used against. Theirs is simply a knee-jerk reaction to something beyond their very limited comprehensive abilities and their fear of pissing off the perpetually pissed off.

In the over ten [10] YEARS of SBGO non-stop production and distribution it has been sent to US military bases throughout the United States for security personnel to use, which I’m told they do, it has been sent to numerous Police departments throughout the USA for it’s members to use, I have been told that the “Hatchet Jihadist” who attacked NY city police officers was killed by a weapon that had SBGO in it, pictures of NYPAPD on the Freedom tower “baptizing” it with SBGO may be found on the SBGO website. It has been sent to US military armorers who rebuild the weaponry used by US military personnel, who hot tank the weapons they rebuild in SBGO, impregnating the entire weapon with SBGO, which is then re-issued to other servicemen and women. This has been done for a number of years covertly and ISIS members who use captured US military weapons may be contaminated by pork simply thru the use of those weapons. Gun shops and gun owners throughout the USA have been receiving SBGO for many years also. SBGO is used by security forces guarding our nuclear power plants throughout the United States and I have instituted a program for US Military families, who have been threatened by ISIS/Al-q  scum with death, to distribute SBGO to them at reduced costs, which a large number already have in their possession. US military “advisers” stationed in Afghanistan and surrounding areas have SBGO in their weapons since being attacked by those they are training to fight what many of them actually are in reality, undercover terrorists.

US Military members currently looking at redeployment to the ME have gotten SBGO in bulk orders,I’m equipping entire units with SBGO, in both regular weight and heavy weapons formula, both of which I have spent much time developing into the absolute finest weapons lubes known to man. I use micro and nano lubricants to create a weapons lube that will immediately make your firearm,no matter what it is, function more smoothly and reliably.SBGO when used throughout automatic weapons such as the M16 family of rifles,M249 SAWs,M240s,M60s,.50 cal M2s and all semi and full automatic handguns gives greatly increased reliability.SBGO when used in the M16s gas piston system helps prevent overheating and carbon buildup during sustained fire operations,  both of which have caused them to jam and consequently get their operators KIA because of the low quality of Gov’t issue low bidder cheapshit weapons lube,yeah,that makes a ton of sense,have the most sophisticated weapons on the planet and use the cheapest available lube to attempt to keep them functioning properly.Cleanup of the M16s gas system after use is faster and easier due to SBGOs ability to prevent carbon buildup in the system,a major cause of jamming during sustained fire use.

I do this thing not out of hatred for another culture but out of love for my people, country and culture, for which I am willing to lay down my life to defend if needed.

I love the courage,dedication and patriotism our military members and their families have shown throughout the history of our great country, they are the best of the best in my opinion. I love my country and it’s people very much so let there be NO misunderstanding of my motives. It is for my Country I do this,I do this “for the children” Gods children and our childrens children,and for the generations of children to follow, not because I’m a knuckle dragging inbred troglodyte hater, but because our enemy has a weakness his god put into his believers and I’m intelligent enough to recognize it and xploit it for the good of free people throughout the planet who do not subscribe to the beliefs of the true inbred knuckle dragging troglodyte haters mistakenly calling themselves “Holy Warriors’ when in fact they are the devils henchmen.

I currently have a liason who is in contact with ME Christian Militias forming up to fight ISIS, to deliver IN BULK, SBGO to them to use in their battle against the dogs and jackals of terror who murder them and those they love simply because they are Christians and not members of the lunatic fringe calling themselves “Jihadists”

I am honored to STAND with those countrymen of mine who say to these murderous scum”Bring it Mfkers, I’m waiting”, but bear in mind you murderous terrormongers, I’m the guy who makes Silver Bullet Gun Oil so DON’T xpect a welcoming committee when you hit allah’s “paradise” if you take me on,I have one waiting for you though and I will be more than happy to send you to whatever your reward will be and not afraid to take the best you have and give you back the best I have to give to punks and cowards. I and many, many other Marines and US military members, both active and inactive are and have been Uncle Sam’s resort when the SHTF and killing the enemies of the USA NEEDS to be done, and we KNOW how to take care of bidness and we await you, and give you the GUARANTEE that when your stinking verminous corpses are buried that you WILL have porky pig for company and your graves WILL be doused with much pork, I promise you that, and have the promise of many Americans to do this.

To Al-q , it’s splinter groups, ISIS and all who murder innocents in the name of allah;   DON’T xpect ANY reward from allah for being dumbasses who died Haram and engaged in a fools errand, sent by those who are ONLY interested in their own gains and NOT in your losses. You are at best considered to be “useful idiots” by those who send you to commit these crimes against humanity and your lives are only valued as useful idiots,easily replaced by other useful idiots to do the evil deeds they themselves are too cowardly to do themselves.

Since it’s creation SBGO has a 100% delivery rate,if you order it,you get it.

Since it’s creation SBGO has 100% satisfaction rate,if you buy it,you LOVE it and so do your firearms.

Since it’s creation there has not been one complaint of it causing any type of damage whatsoever to users firearms,as some who lack knowledge of what SBGO does for firearms claim is possible because of the pork grease additive,Black powder revolvers used lard to seal off each cylinder from the next to prevent flashover when fired and they didn’t suffer any ill effects from xtended use. SBGO makes all firearms more reliable and protects them under even the most adverse conditions, only high praise have I gotten at how well it makes even the fussiest automatic weapons function much more smoothly and reliably and how well it protects firearms stored for xtended periods of time.

I make 3 guarantees with SBGO that are ironclad:

The first is that it is the absolute finest weapons lube you can buy anywhere,GUARANTEED.

All others take a backseat to SBGO for quality.SBGO neither burns off nor slings off during operation.It also, even under extreme use, smokes very little when the weapon you are using gets hot from sustained fire, a good thing when you are under fire and the enemy is looking for telltale weapons smoke to zero in on your position.

The second is that there is GUARANTEED 13% pork grease IN EVERY  SINGLE BOTTLE.

The third is that if you order it from my SBGO website, you get it GUARANTEED.

SBGO is the ONLY 21st century weapons lube available today. It addresses problems inherent in grandpas 20th century one dimensional lubes such as 3 in 1, CLP, remoil or whatever.They are one dimensional lubes because they are only surface lubes which burn and sling off in short order.SBGO is a multifaceted, dedicated automatic weapons lube,which works on the molecular level as well as the surface. SBGO is truly a 21st century weapons lube for 21st century weapons using cutting edge 21st century technology.

I am constantly looking to improve the formula,even if just incrementally,by using the absolute finest available ingredients known to man as they become available.The coefficent of kinetic friction of ice on ice  [.03] and the coefficient of kinetic friction of SBGO are the same.I challenge any and all other weapons lube to come even close to that level of performance.

STAND NOW against Islamofacist terrorists or die on your knees later!The ever increasing islamofascist attacks in different Euro countries should be the wake up call for the USA.Both Israel and the USSR have used pork against Islamofascist terrorists to deter attacks,maybe someone could tell me why it works for them but too many Americans ignore SBGO as something that wouldn’t work for America to deter attacks on the innocent and unaware here?Oh,that’s right Americas lawyer/politicians don’t want to “Offend” the most offensive scum on the planet.Well,how about Americans being “offended” by the actions of Islamofascist scum on an ongoing daily basis.I personally find their actions against innocents to be “offensive” in the xtreme and so do millions of American citizens,don’t our lives and feelings, count or have we sunk so low that we care more about the “feelings” of those who murder innocent men,women and children and members of the US military than we do about the lives they take all the while shouting “allah akbar” and murdering unarmed and unaware innocents in the most cowardly fashion.

Take away their perceived “reward” for their cowardly actions and watch them STOP them PDfkingQ.

Be proactive,not reactive,use SBGO and let the enemies of man  know you do.Let them know there is NO REWARD for attacking America and Americans,only the reward they earned,a place in HELL next to their heros.


Semper Fi

The Midnite Rider

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